When the 5 AM alarm goes off it starts a familiar routine that involves hitting the snooze button 9 times, pulling the covers over our eyes, thinking about excuses to call in sick, cursing to the heavens, and ultimately flopping out of bed. To say that mornings are rough is an understatement.  And if people can barely roll out of bed until literally the last possible minute, how on Earth would we expect them to get out and go for a sunrise bike ride? It's tough, but the benefits of an early morning pedal run are increasingly healthy in both body and mind… And it's a not a bad goal to start working towards.

Get Your Fitness Out of the Way Early

One of the biggest hindrances to those who aim to go for a bike ride after work is that 8-hours in the office have just beaten them down physically and mentally. Couple that with other nightly tasks and it's easy to see how a workout gets pushed to the back burner. Working out in the morning and getting it out of the way frees up the evening for a nice dinner and time to relax.

Wakes You Up For the Day

We've all had 7:30 morning meetings that we basically zombie through, kind of like when you're driving and realize you haven't looked at the road for 7 minutes. Your body might not truly wake up until a couple hours out of bed, but you can press that issue with a morning bike ride that gets you going. Who’s more impressive at those meetings – the quiet one who has done nothing but draw pictures of dogs for notes or the energetic one contributing ideas?

Temperatures and Wind are Optimal

In the perfect riding months (May – October) the conditions are truly the best the closer to cockcrow as possible. Temperatures haven't begun to warm up yet and the wind is generally pretty calm. You'll still work up a sweat but you'll be able to ride longer / more pleasurably.

Actually Has Benefits to Make You Sleep Better at Night

If your alarm goes off at 6:00 in the morning, sometimes the only thoughts starting at about 6:02 for the rest of the day are, “I can't wait to go to bed tonight.” In a weird (and kind of depressing) way everything we do during the day really does contribute to that night's sleep and for those that toss and turn the night before, a bike ride can exert energy that promotes healthy sleep the coming evening. Even better, an early morning ride forces you to get out of bed, which also starts your daily clock early – and thus shuts it off earlier that night.

The Sunrise Is Serene

The experts say the best way to start your day is with some morning meditation.  But that's not always easy to do at home with the dog staring at you and the neighbors trying to coral their 5 boys to get ready for school. An early morning bike ride against the backdrop of the sunrise and maybe with some Kenny G turned on softly in your headphones is very peaceful and really calms the spirit.

It Forces Breakfast

It's easy to skip breakfast on a 'regular' day but a morning ride will make you hungry and basically force the first meal of the day early.  Breakfast really is an important part of the day. It not only supplies energy that helps you perform better while avoiding being irritable, it also prevents you from overeating later in the day and becoming sluggish.

Go for the lasting reward instead of the instant pay off of a little extra sleep – you'll feel better later in the day.

April 07, 2015 by Dave Weiner


In most of the United States, there's a brutal reality from November to April every year involving white fluffy stuff and bitter cold. While it might seem inevitable that winter means putting the bicycle away until spring, that doesn't always have to be the case. There's a solid core of people that ride their bikes year round. Some even find that winter biking is more challenging, peaceful, and a great way to get exercise while others are hibernating. Of course winter biking is a whole different animal than summer riding and there are a number of tips and precautions that should be followed.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing for winter biking doesn't necessarily mean outfitting yourself with 9 layers of clothes like Randy from A Christmas Story. First of all, bundling up too warm will cause you to sweat abnormally as your body overheats, which is nasty in the cold. Second of all, immobilizing yourself with six pairs of long johns is a safety hazard, making it difficult to operate a bike. The key is to wear enough clothes such that you're slightly chilly when you start. A moisture-wicking base layer is a must as is a soft shell jacket on the outside. You'll want a thin stocking cap that can fit under your helmet with a neck and face covering that can be zipped up as well. Waterproof gloves and boots also work well in cold, wet conditions.

Stay tuned this week for new Priority Gear perfect for cold weather riding ;)

The Bike

Riding in the winter is hard on a typical, chain-driven bicycle as sand, salt, and debris works its way onto the chain and drivetrain and creates havoc and wear. Fortunately, the belt drive on a Priority Bicycle eliminates this problem! The internal gearing of the Priority Bicycle in the back-wheel hub also prevents the weather from affecting the bicycle’s performance.

Bikes should be stored indoors if possible and cleaned to remove all the grime from your travels. Bikes should also be outfitted with fenders in the winter to keep the slush and splatter off of your face and clothes.

Riding Safety

While mounds of snow can be a great fall-cushioner, it's best not to test them out. Winter biking involves riding a little slower, being more cautious, and respecting the elements. Black ice can come out of nowhere, and you should always be aware that vehicles can lose control as well. Ride with a friend if possible, and always let somebody know when you're going out for a cruise. Making sure you have your bike equipped with lights is a good idea too, as sunny winter days can be few and far between.

February 03, 2015 by Dave Weiner


Most people would agree that there needs to be a Pinterest for dating. The old methods of dinner & a movie or a walk on the beach is tried and true, but also boring.  Don’t worry though- we've got our own idea about how to spice up a date...a bicycle ride.

And here's why:

It Can Be Free

If you already own a bike, and opt to skip a post ride drink or bite to eat, a riding date really doesn't have to cost you a single dollar. There are no awkward situations about who should pay and you won’t have to 'waste' any money on somebody with whom you didn't have any chemistry. At the very least, you got to go on a nice relaxing bike ride and it didn't cost you a penny.

It Doesn't Require Too Much Talk

A first date of dinner is excruciating because you're put face to face with somebody you've never really conversed with before. You might have great chemistry down the line, but never get to a second date because both of you were nervous and stammering under the pressure.  On the other hand, a bike ride involves minimal small-talk unless you stop and take a short rest. By then you're both comfortable in each other's presence and the real personality can come out.

If You Do Stop For A Drink, The Ride Is a Great Common Ground To Talk About

Going on a bike ride works up a great thirst and it presents a great opportunity to ask your date if he or she wants to grab a drink along the way. The first part of your ride involves building up chemistry, and stopping for a drink or a bite to eat will be more relaxed; you're both a little tired and you have common ground about a big bump, or a squirrel that crossed your path to keep the conversation moving. The next thing you know 3 hours have passed and you've downed 9 beers and need to call a cab to take you both home – a great 1st date memory.

 You'll Know If You Have Similar Interests

If you're a fitness or outdoors buff, even bringing up a bike ride as a date possibility is a great way to gauge if you have common interests. If they answer with “I'm kind of an inside kid” or “what's a bike?” you know it's probably not going to work out and you can save your time and find someone new.

 There Are No Set Rules

When you go out to eat or see a movie for a date, you're kind of stuck to a certain timeline. If the other person is absolutely miserable, you still have to sit through the meal or the movie. Conversely, if they are just awesome, your night still is tied to when you've finished eating or when the closing credits roll. With a bicycle ride though, there is no timetable. If you instantly have 'hate chemistry' you can fork off and ride your own way. If you guys are having a blast, you can keep riding for hours and continue to get to know somebody new until your legs go no more.

All in all, you needn't look any further than E.T and that kid to know that a bike can really bring people together.

October 07, 2014 by Dave Weiner


Biking around the city is one of my favorite summer activities and Priority's sleek design make their bicycles fit seamlessly into every part of your lifestyle, any day of the week. It's the perfect summer accessory! Whether you are commuting for work, hanging out on the weekend, or even going on a date, there isn't one situation where you don't look stylish riding one of these beautiful bicycles. I love how incredibly lightweight they are; it so easy to pick up and go (even for a weakling like myself).

Living in NY we are lucky enough to have a subway system that can take us anywhere in a heartbeat. However, when the weather is as beautiful as it has been, it's great to switch things up and bike your way to the office. Priority's upright design makes the ride comfortable and the adjustable gears make it easy to zip over the bridge (for those of us coming from Brooklyn), not to mention you get a great workout on the way! 

The step-through frame option even makes it easy to elegantly ride in dresses, so you can still look amazing enough to impress your next date. The belt drive means no ugly grease marks on your legs or clothes!

Here are a few of my tips for looking great while riding on the weekend:

·      crossbody bags are a life saver, they keep your hands free to safely navigate the streets.

·      sneakers are usually my go to, but Priority bikes are so smooth and have wide pedals that even make it easy to ride in heels!

·      last but not least, the best accessory to your outfit is a helmet! I’m loving this new bag that stealthily hides it away when you aren't riding! So genius!

For all outfit details and more of my style, check out my blog at and follow me on Instagram @ellekawchronicles!

September 12, 2014 by Dave Weiner


I've had the idea for Priority Bicycles for many years now. I've felt that the options for a low price, high quality, low maintenance bicycle were simply too limited. Do you go to a big box store and buy something which is hard to assemble, impossible to keep tuned, and lacks style? Or do you go to a bicycle store and buy a well made and assembled bicycle, though possibly spending more than you wanted to? I believe Priority is the answer that fits in the middle.

How are we doing it? We've been working day and night with our factory and I'm happy to say that we're really close. We've designed a bike that meets our criteria for high quality, style, and low maintenance. We've hired the best designer in the industry to ensure the bike looks great. We're in the process of teaming up with some major consumer brands to help spread the word.

We are fortunate to have an amazing branding visionary (and good friend) consulting with us who helped take photos this weekend - with these images finally the website is up. It's an exciting day! The brand is starting to come to life. We're on track to be selling by this fall and have product before the holidays.

The hard part of creating Priority is still ahead of us, and we're going to need your help. This brand will grow by word of mouth, and I'm counting on all of our friends to help us spread the word. Let's get more people on bikes. Let's make it fun, easy and enjoyable.

Thank you for visiting Priority.

August 29, 2014 by Dave Weiner


Few serious bicyclers would argue that a helmet is just as essential to their ride as wheels and pedals. That being said, why are so many recreational cyclists, who are less experienced, so ready to get on a bike without wearing a helmet?

Not many of us wore helmets when we were kids and our bike was the main form of transportation for 9 + hours a day in the summertime. Most of you have probably been lucky enough to avoid catastrophic crashes so far in your cycling adventures but the question begs to be asked, do we really need helmets?


Did you ride your bike to the hair salon and now are faced with the epic quandary of not wanting to mess up your $80 perm by putting on a helmet? The main reason that most people state for not wanting to wear a helmet is because they're uncomfortable. Unfortunately being wheelchair bound or having family and friends wait on you for the rest of your life isn't very comfortable either and could happen with just one fall. To be honest, there's really no good reason for not wearing a helmet, especially “I don't want to look like a geek.”


Suppose you leave your house and inexplicably forget to bring your helmet. You could trek on and risk it or you could make the short jaunt back to your home and grab your head protection. The important thing to remember is that it only takes one bad spill to change your world forever. Most bicycling accidents happen closer to home and life is full of a 'million to one” mishaps, look no further than Frank Costanza, a Seinfold statue made of fusilli pasta, and a proctologist.


California has fines of up to $25 for youths under 18 bicycling without a helmet and in New York penalties up to $50 can be imposed on those under 13 without head protection. With pro sports leagues such as the NFL looking into the serious implications of concussions and head injuries the individual states may not be far behind in making helmet wearing mandatory for all bicyclers. It's best to get into the habit of wearing a helmet now so that you're not only protecting your head, but eventually your wallet as well.

In the end, there's really no disadvantage to wearing a helmet. Sure you might get an awkward suntan on your face and mess up your sweet mullet hairdo but those are temporary compared to suffering from a traumatic brain injury. The truth is there are just too many intangibles to put just your skull between your brain and the pavement. From unmarked cuts in the road to bike failure to a wayward chicken darting out in front of you to cross the road, the common consensus is that it's better to be safe than sorry.

August 05, 2014 by Dave Weiner


Many of us don't need an excuse to drink beer – we could crack a cold one to celebrate our team winning or chug a brew to drown sorrows from a big loss. A beer is a great reward after a solid day of work and a way to forget a bad one. As it turns out drinking a beer after a bike ride isn't just a well-deserved gift, it could be a 'requirement' thanks to the numerous health benefits of a post-race barley pop.


While an electrolyte boosting drink is probably your best bet after a long ride, if the debate comes down to water or beer an ale is the true winner. A study at Granada University in Spain has shown that the sugars and salts in a beer help people absorb fluids more efficiently than water alone. Basically you'd have to drink much more water to get the hydration effects of beer, which will leave you more bloated and less prone to sing karaoke.


While bicycling is fun, relaxing, and a great group activity it also poses quite a workout no matter what your intensity. Persistent pedaling is one of the best ways to build up your glutes and hamstrings which you may find are burning after a good ride. When you work your muscles they break down and must be built back up by your body wherein a post-ride beer has a double benefit. First off beer has almost as many antioxidants as red wine which helps your leg muscles recover. Second a good beer has pain-relieving qualities that will take your focus off your throbbing thighs and more on the creepy guy eying you up at the end of the bar.


There are a number of health benefits to drinking one or two beers a day, although 17 not so much. Your daily brew helps heart strength, leads to stronger bones, boosts your brain health to stave off dementia and alzheimers in addition to a number of other mental, sexual, and physical positives. What better time to check that daily beer or two off your list than after a demanding yet rewarding bike ride? After all it sure beats getting the beer checked off your list on the way to work in the morning.


Perhaps more than anything a beer after a bike ride is simply relaxing. It helps you bond with your friends and talk about the days trek while quenching your thirst and decompressing to some good tunes.

Something to consider the next time you pack your cycling bag: Repair kit? Check. Protein bar? Check. Helmet? Check. Heineken?'s your call.

July 22, 2014 by Dave Weiner


I can’t believe today is here. This morning we pressed “Launch” on our Kickstarter project, and it’s now live: Please click the link and check out the amazing video which we created to better explain the need for the maintenance-free bicycle.

I am so proud of the product we've created. The bicycle is lightweight, silent, and comfortable. It looks great, rides incredibly smooth, and is shockingly affordable. I believe we've nailed the total package, but now it’s up to you, the market, to confirm.

While in some ways I feel a huge relief that we've finally launched, I also know that the really hard work begins today - promotion, promotion, promotion. We won’t be successful unless people know about Priority, and if I haven’t asked already, I’ll ask again, please help us to promote Priority. I've created some links below to help you post about Priority on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These links will suggest a post for you and you can edit the post before it goes out. I’d be grateful if you would share our project with your network. Also, if you have a bulletin board at work, the gym, yoga studio, wherever, print one of these flyers (download here) and put it up. We need eyes on our project to make it successful.

Tomorrow night is our launch party, and everyone is welcome. The party is from 5:30 – 8:00pm at Blue Haven in NYC (Houston at Thompson). If you think you can make it, let us know We will be screening our video at 7pm.

Getting to this point has taken tremendous work, by so many people. I don’t have a blog long enough to thank everyone, but a few people I want to specifically call out:

·         Connor Swegle – You’ve helped tremendously with building the brand and marketing image; your skills with consumer brand building and marketing are second to none and we couldn't be here without your help and support.

·         Tyrone Rhabb – You have created the best kickstarter video ever! I am so proud of the video and can’t thank you enough for the countless hours you put in. Your video skills are second to none and I am so pleased with the end result.

·         Lauren Jones –Your ability to translate our brand into images and action never ceases to impress me. Your positive energy and can-do spirit are contagious. I feel so lucky to have you on the team helping to create our products.

·         Casey Michael – Your creative work is beautiful and you’ve been key to us getting everything done on such a fast timeline.

·         Aaron Bethlenfalvy – You have put up with all of my tiny changes and have translated all of the emotion into a gorgeous looking bicycle. Thank you.

·         Roy Paar – You captured so many amazing shots and moments. You never let the camera stop rolling and were always there to get the candid shot that made the video and creative great.

·         Mika Saulitis – I can’t believe how you have taken the Priority concepts and turned them into such beautiful words.  I appreciate all of your thoughtful edits, changes and help in bringing the Priority story to life.

·         My beautiful wife Amanda and incredible son Jake – I am so thankful to have such an amazing family. Amanda you have been so supportive, you have been Priority’s biggest enthusiast and have encouraged this since the beginning. Jakey, my best bike rides are with you, and I am having so much fun watching you become a little boy.

I have so many friends and family who have helped, supported me and contributed, Tony Minock, Amanda Raines, Kim Landman, Michael Salvatore,  Sherif Fouad, Amira Foud & Sepi Hejazi Moghadam, Michael Weinberg, Max Lishansky, Nadine Lubkowitz, Sara Gragnolati, Chad Joseph, Rich Rama, Jordan Bennett, Jeff Greenstein, Jordan James, Ryan Hayter, Kate Gaeir, Henry Lu, our awesome bands City of Sun Band and Isadora, the DeCastros, the Kawamuras, the Hoods, Gitlin/Greene Family, Josh and Natalie Weiner, and Jeff and Shirley Weiner (my dad and mom). I know I’m missing others, there have been so many people that have contributed.

Now I need your help! Please, watch the video and share the link ( Help us to make this Kickstarter campaign successful!

July 15, 2014 by Dave Weiner


We’re on track to launch Priority a week from today on crowdsourcing website The last few weeks have been rough, many late nights, many favors asked, and a lot of stress that is probably normal when you’re building something new and great. I’ve put considerable thought into all that Priority means to me, and with the help of some friends have come up with the tag line,Happiness in Motion.

Cycling to me is just that. It’s the only time I’m disconnected from phone and email, it’s the only time I get to clear my head and think about whatever’s top of mind for me - work, family, friends - or just let it all go and think about the road in front of me.

This weekend I rode with my wife Amanda and son Jake over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn. As I pedaled over the bridge the bike felt light, nimble and just easy. I knew at that point that the tag line was absolutely fitting. The happiness I experienced as we peddled over the bridge is exactly the sensation I know others will feel when they ride our bike. Being outside on a beautiful day with my beautiful family, riding the Priority prototype, simply the best riding bike I’ve ever been on, was Happiness in Motion.

While I’m nervous and anxious for our launch next week, I am also confident that when others ride Priority, they will fall in love with the bike as much as I have. The product is truly amazing; the maintenance free bike is a game changer in recreational cycling.

Please, next week when we launch visit and Tweet it, Facebook it, and tell all of your friends. We really need your help if we’re going to be successful in bringing this amazing product to market.

July 08, 2014 by Dave Weiner


I’m very fortunate that I can walk, ride the subway, or bike to work. Why do I prefer cycling so much more than walking or taking the subway?

I’m one of those people who is always connected. In fact, I have a hard time being disconnected. Technology has made it too easy. I’m on my phone or computer constantly at work and at home. The sacred disconnected places are gone. The car phone used to be only for important telephone calls, now text messages and emails are read aloud so we don’t skip a beat, and airplanes all have wifi so those quiet few hours are gone, too. It’s hard to find a place where you’re totally disconnected. That’s where the bike commute comes in…

When I ride to work, it’s one of few moments of my day where I can totally separate from the distractions of my phone, email, social media and the digital world that can often consume me. I concentrate on the road and what’s in front of me. My mind can creatively wonder and ponder those more challenging questions. My morning commute is a refreshing time for me to think through what I need to get done, and how I want to handle the coming day’s challenges.

After a long day, my evening commute home is my decompression. Its when I get a few quiet minutes to think through the day, to think about what I handled well, and more importantly what I could have handled differently, or what I missed. It’s a great time to try and put your work behind you mentally so that you can fully concentrate on whatever is next in your day.

Riding your bike has so many health benefits, and while most people jump right to the physical benefits, I believe it’s important to remember the mental health benefits of riding your bike to/from work. This week (May 12-19) is National Bike to Work Week, with Friday 5/16 being Bike to Work Day. I strongly encourage you to ride your bike to work at least one day this week. Do an internet search for local Bike To Work events and you’ll find well supported rest stops and activities along your route in most major cities this week. In New York, Transportation Alternatives is the Bike To Work Day sponsor and Citibike makes it very easy if you don't already have your own set of wheels.

I like to think that any day which starts and ends with a bike ride can’t be that bad of a day. Do yourself a favor and try it one day this week, I think you’ll find that the extra few minutes you spend on your commute will come back to you in terms of increased productivity and overall happiness.

May 12, 2014 by Dave Weiner