I can’t believe today is here. This morning we pressed “Launch” on our Kickstarter project, and it’s now live: Please click the link and check out the amazing video which we created to better explain the need for the maintenance-free bicycle.

I am so proud of the product we've created. The bicycle is lightweight, silent, and comfortable. It looks great, rides incredibly smooth, and is shockingly affordable. I believe we've nailed the total package, but now it’s up to you, the market, to confirm.

While in some ways I feel a huge relief that we've finally launched, I also know that the really hard work begins today - promotion, promotion, promotion. We won’t be successful unless people know about Priority, and if I haven’t asked already, I’ll ask again, please help us to promote Priority. I've created some links below to help you post about Priority on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These links will suggest a post for you and you can edit the post before it goes out. I’d be grateful if you would share our project with your network. Also, if you have a bulletin board at work, the gym, yoga studio, wherever, print one of these flyers (download here) and put it up. We need eyes on our project to make it successful.

Tomorrow night is our launch party, and everyone is welcome. The party is from 5:30 – 8:00pm at Blue Haven in NYC (Houston at Thompson). If you think you can make it, let us know We will be screening our video at 7pm.

Getting to this point has taken tremendous work, by so many people. I don’t have a blog long enough to thank everyone, but a few people I want to specifically call out:

·         Connor Swegle – You’ve helped tremendously with building the brand and marketing image; your skills with consumer brand building and marketing are second to none and we couldn't be here without your help and support.

·         Tyrone Rhabb – You have created the best kickstarter video ever! I am so proud of the video and can’t thank you enough for the countless hours you put in. Your video skills are second to none and I am so pleased with the end result.

·         Lauren Jones –Your ability to translate our brand into images and action never ceases to impress me. Your positive energy and can-do spirit are contagious. I feel so lucky to have you on the team helping to create our products.

·         Casey Michael – Your creative work is beautiful and you’ve been key to us getting everything done on such a fast timeline.

·         Aaron Bethlenfalvy – You have put up with all of my tiny changes and have translated all of the emotion into a gorgeous looking bicycle. Thank you.

·         Roy Paar – You captured so many amazing shots and moments. You never let the camera stop rolling and were always there to get the candid shot that made the video and creative great.

·         Mika Saulitis – I can’t believe how you have taken the Priority concepts and turned them into such beautiful words.  I appreciate all of your thoughtful edits, changes and help in bringing the Priority story to life.

·         My beautiful wife Amanda and incredible son Jake – I am so thankful to have such an amazing family. Amanda you have been so supportive, you have been Priority’s biggest enthusiast and have encouraged this since the beginning. Jakey, my best bike rides are with you, and I am having so much fun watching you become a little boy.

I have so many friends and family who have helped, supported me and contributed, Tony Minock, Amanda Raines, Kim Landman, Michael Salvatore,  Sherif Fouad, Amira Foud & Sepi Hejazi Moghadam, Michael Weinberg, Max Lishansky, Nadine Lubkowitz, Sara Gragnolati, Chad Joseph, Rich Rama, Jordan Bennett, Jeff Greenstein, Jordan James, Ryan Hayter, Kate Gaeir, Henry Lu, our awesome bands City of Sun Band and Isadora, the DeCastros, the Kawamuras, the Hoods, Gitlin/Greene Family, Josh and Natalie Weiner, and Jeff and Shirley Weiner (my dad and mom). I know I’m missing others, there have been so many people that have contributed.

Now I need your help! Please, watch the video and share the link ( Help us to make this Kickstarter campaign successful!