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"I found that I had to tune-up friends' bicycles just to go on a weekend ride. I wanted to make bicycles I could confidently recommend to family and friends—bicycles that were lightweight, easy to own, great looking, and didn't require a ton of maintenance." -Dave Weiner, Founder


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Make Cycling Simple

It all started when Dave, our Founder, couldn’t recommend a bicycle to his friends. They were all looking for the same thing: a bike that’s good looking, comfortable to ride, easy to maintain, and affordable. So, he did what any rational person would do—he quit his job as CEO of a multi-national software company to start his own business.

From there, Dave worked on his vision to create a hassle-free, everyday bike for recreational riders that would be everything his friends wished for.

About Priority

Our Commitment

Premium Affordability

Premium doesn’t mean expensive—it means purposeful. We’ve spent our time focusing on the features that make a real difference for our riders.

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