"The Porsche of Commuter Bikes" Bicycling Reviews The New Priority 600

"The Porsche of Commuter Bikes" Bicycling Reviews The New Priority 600

Priority was honored to have the new Priority 600 featured and reviewed by Bicycling.

"The Priority Bicycles 600 Is the Porsche of Commuter Bikes: Designed to be simple, efficient, and low maintenance, this versatile city bike is as fun as it is practical...

Hills are also no barrier to your commute: The bike is named after the gearbox’s 600 percent range, which means you can shift between 12 speeds with no overlapping gears. I found the bike to be smooth, stable (thanks to a center-of-bike weight balance), and a helluva lot of fun on gravel...

All in all, it’s the ultimate low-maintenance rig that combines all the practicalities of commuting year-round with the fun of just letting loose on an easy-to-ride, well-balanced bicycle… What more can you want from a bike this practical?"

You can read the full review on Bicycling.com here.

June 13, 2018 by Dave Weiner

All-New Bicycle Launching Thursday 6/14


Every bicycle we design is an evolution, driven by customer demand.  We’ve heard that our riders want a bicycle that can do more, a model that fits the wide range of interests.  
On Thursday we launch our new model - The Priority 600.  We’ve partnered with experts from around the world to deliver a premium all road package, with premiere components, and precision engineering in the low maintenance, hassle-free package that is our Priority.
Make sure you're signed up for our email list for the official announcement this Thursday, June 14th! 


June 10, 2018 by Dave Weiner

WATCH: Priority Teams Up with Toyota to Prototype ‘The World’s Safest Bike’

When we launched Priority in 2014, we set out on a mission to make cycling simpler for everyday riders. As we grew our line of bicycles, we felt one of the biggest hurdles cyclists face today is feeling safe on the road.  The marketplace has been focused on technology to make bikes faster, lighter, and more customizable, but we’ve seen first-hand that these new features haven’t made them safer.

A few months ago, we were approached by agency 22squared and Southeast Toyota to be a part of their latest project: How could the safety features of a Toyota Camry car inspire a new wave of safety for cyclists? The 2018 Camry has features such as lane awareness and predictive alerts that provide seamless cues for drivers to be more aware of their surroundings.  Could these concepts be integrated into a bicycle for cyclists to produce the same results?

In experiencing the Camry features first hand, we were challenged to create a tech-forward bicycle prototype that could help support safety in the bicycle community. With the help of our long-time friend, tech guru, Science Channel TV host, and Executive Editor of Make: magazine, Mike Senese, we set out to create a one-of-a-kind bicycle that features an integrated safety system that can react to what’s happening on the road without being obtrusive to riders. 

In the video above you can see how our team moved from understanding the challenge, to brainstorming features, and then rapidly prototyping a new style of bicycle using our Continuum Onyx as a foundation.  While this prototype is not something we will be adding to our product line just yet, it has inspired us to create some new thinking around safety innovations for our models moving forward. 

Today is National Bike to Work Day. As this day raises awareness for cycling and commuters across the country, I also hope that Priority and this project can help to encourage a better dialogue between cyclists and motorists. Internally at Priority it’s been a catalyst for innovation that we hope will one day lead to making the roads safer for everyone.

Happy Bike Day and Month! We hope you are able to get out and ride and enjoy time on two wheels.

Dave & The Priority Team

May 17, 2018 by Dave Weiner

An Update From Our Founder, Dave Weiner

Priority Community:

It is our mission to deliver high quality, low maintenance bicycles with unmatched features, at a fair price.  We have been focused on continuously improving our bicycles and our service, with each new bicycle bringing more innovative features with ever increasing quality. This focus on continuous improvement and 7-day a week customer service, together with rising material costs, is forcing us to raise our prices on many of our models starting April 5th.

As a member of the Priority Community, we wanted to let you know of our pricing increase in advance, and that even with these increases we will continue to be a value and quality leader, with sales prices remaining below market.  You can find all our new product prices on the main product page of each model for the Start FW, Coast, and Classic Plus series. You will see the current price as the sale price, with the strikethrough price as the new price beginning April 5th. Most bicycle prices are increasing by approximately $50.  As of April 5th, these bicycles will go off sale and the new pricing will take hold.  We also expect to raise the price of the Continuum by approximately $100 this summer.

We believe everyone deserves a high-quality bicycle that is easy to buy, comfortable to ride, and simple to own and maintain.  Based on our innovative and low maintenance feature set on each of our models, you won't find a better bike value at any other brand.   If you have any questions, please reach out any time to info@prioritybicycles.com.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Priority, now is the best time to take advantage of the current pricing.

Thank you for your continued support,

Dave & The Priority Team

March 21, 2018 by Dave Weiner


Happy New Year!

We hope you’re taking some time this holiday season to be with your loved ones and connect with what’s most important to you. Focusing on what’s important has always been core to Priority Bicycles, it’s the origin of our name, and what drives our team every day.
We want to thank all of you, our community for their support, questions, feedback, and recommendations.  We wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission of making cycling simple without you, and we are excited for what the coming year will hold.

As we start 2018, we wanted to take a moment to reflect in thanks for what made 2017 such a great year and show you some photos from what happens behind the scenes with us.  Behind the bicycles, emails, and calls, it's a hard working team that wears a lot of hats to make it happen everyday.  We hope that you can smile with us along the way!


2017 was made extremely special through the connections we have made with new riders around the country and world, partnerships with hotels and corporate campuses, and coverage from prestigious media outlets.

  • We traveled to the Le Meridien in snowy Minneapolis to test out our four season commuter, the Continuum around a frozen lake.
  • We were honored to have our story featured on Guy Raz’s podcast How I Built This, the Coast in The Wall Street Journal’s best beach cruisers, and the Continuum was featured in Gizmodo and Wired.
  • We launched many new and exciting fleet partnerships all around the world, in places like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dubai just to name a few!
  • Together with Sara Barellies we helped children affected by the North Bay Wildfires by giving them bicycles to help bring joy and fun to them, and to spark the healing that is so important.


It’s incredible to think that in the past year we have almost doubled the number of low maintenance bicycle models that we design and manufacture. It’s the direct impact of YOUR feedback and our daily research across all styles of everyday riding.

  • We started the year launching the Classic Plus Gotham Edition (now available in step-through as well). A freewheel version of our original Classic.
  • The Gotham all-black colorway was so popular that we reinvented the Continuum with the Onyx Edition, including reflective decals and dynamo lights.
  • In partnership with Wheel Fun Rentals in San Francisco we created our most comfortable, lowest maintenance bicycle, the Priority Glide.
  • Late in the summer, we rolled out the new Start FW 2.0 and with amazing reviews from TwoWheelingTots we sold out before Christmas! It’s been so fun to watch our kids enjoy these bikes.
  • One of our biggest milestones of 2017 was integrating Brilliant Bicycles into the Priority Outdoor Products company. With Brilliant, we offer colorful, city-minded bicycles at a very accessible price point.
  • To finish the year, we launched the 174Hudson Pannier Backpack.


Our goal continues, to help you focus on what’s most important in your life; via low maintenance, high quality products that make cycling simple.  Come along for the ride as we launch new innovative products and partnerships in 2018 that we can’t wait to share with you. 2017 was a big year for Priority, and we couldn’t have done it without you, our community.
Happy Holidays to you and your familiy! Let’s make 2018 amazing.
Dave and The Priority Team


January 01, 2018 by Connor Swegle

Priority Featured in the latest NPR's "How I Built This" Episode

Earlier this year our founder, Dave, was featured in the "How You Built This" Segment of Guy Raz/NPR's "How I Built This". He talked about the launch of Priority and the obstacles and successes on our journey to build low maintenance, high quality bicycles. In the most recent episode, Dave gives an update on how we are doing as we approach the end of the 2017 calendar year and how we have grown.
November 15, 2017 by Dave Weiner

Bike Review: IKEA SLADDA vs. Priority Classic 2.0 by He Likes It


With the launch of IKEA's new belt-driven bicycle, Mikey Kreiger of HeLikes.it reached out to compare the assembly, ride, maintenance, and overall experience of both bicycles. 

He let us know he was going to do a side-by-side comparison. Always confident in our construction, features, and price, we were eager to hear his review. 

He looked at assembly time- where the IKEA SLADDA took 2.5 hours to construct compared to our Priority Classic at 2.5.  The automatic gearing on the SLADDA was "problematic" as opposed to the Classic offering "a bit more flexibility on your ride..." From a maintenance standpoint, a conversation with IKEA customer service over a small pedal warping issue prompted a solution of bringing the SLADDA back to the store.  Lastly, delivery costs on the SLADDA range from $99 to $139, significantly more than the $30 flat rate for our bicycles.

We, admittedly, are a bit biased and happy with the result, but it's just because we have put all of our efforts into making high quality, low maintenance, affordable bicycles for our riders.  

In terms of the bottom line: 


Overall I was impressed by both IKEA and Priority but ultimately the assembly and build issues I faced with the SLADDA make this a no-brainer for recommending the Priority Classic 2.0. If you're in the market for a new bicycle, check them out!

- Read more from HeLikes.It about his experience and other reviews.

March 07, 2017 by Connor Swegle
Announcing Our TriBeCa Showroom

Announcing Our TriBeCa Showroom

We're excited to announce the launch of our showroom space in TriBeCa at 174 Hudson St. Right now we are scheduling test rides during business hours & by appointment only, but will be announcing more events & hours as we continue into spring so stay tuned! If you would like to schedule a test ride, please email info@prioritybicycles.com

See you soon, New York City!


March 01, 2017 by Dave Weiner

Priority Bicycles & Vann Alexandra Holiday Party - Thursday, December 1st

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Add to Calendar 12/01/2016 06:30 PM 12/01/2016 09:00 PM America/New_York Priority Bicycles & Vann Alexandra Holiday Party Priority Bicycles & Vann Alexandra Holiday Party/span> 174 Hudson Street, Entrance on Vestry, 6th floor Priority Bicycles & Vann Alexandra/span> info@prioritybicycles.com false MM/DD/YYYY amfdeagKyzWqPAvwKmLl23485
November 07, 2016 by Connor Swegle