"The Porsche of Commuter Bikes" Bicycling Reviews The New Priority 600

Priority was honored to have the new Priority 600 featured and reviewed by Bicycling.

"The Priority Bicycles 600 Is the Porsche of Commuter Bikes: Designed to be simple, efficient, and low maintenance, this versatile city bike is as fun as it is practical...

Hills are also no barrier to your commute: The bike is named after the gearbox’s 600 percent range, which means you can shift between 12 speeds with no overlapping gears. I found the bike to be smooth, stable (thanks to a center-of-bike weight balance), and a helluva lot of fun on gravel...

All in all, it’s the ultimate low-maintenance rig that combines all the practicalities of commuting year-round with the fun of just letting loose on an easy-to-ride, well-balanced bicycle… What more can you want from a bike this practical?"

You can read the full review on Bicycling.com here.

June 13, 2018 by Dave Weiner