We’re a Small NYC Company With Big Dreams

To Make Cycling Simple


We’re committed to making the best low maintenance bicycles in the world, period. Our strategy is simple: high quality parts, an efficient supply chain, low overhead, and an online business model. No gimmicky bells and whistles. No frills.

“What bike should I get, Dave?”

It all started when Dave, our founder, couldn’t recommend a bicycle to his friends. They were all looking for the same thing: a bike that’s good looking, not overly technical, light, comfy, easy to ride, easy to maintain, and priced right. So, he did what any rational person would do—he quit his job as CEO of a multi-national software company to start his own business.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple. Dave grew up in the bicycle industry and worked for some of the biggest players in the game. As a father of three, Dave also wanted to shift his “priorities”—rather than spending endless hours in an office, he wanted to spread his love for cycling while also spending more time with his family. That’s where we got our name.

From there, Dave worked on his vision to create a hassle-free, everyday bike for recreational riders that would be affordable and free of routine maintenance.


On July 15, 2014 we launched on Kickstarter—opting for a crowd-funded approach with a goal of raising $30,000 to fund the first shipment of what would later be called “The Priority Classic.” Nervously, Dave hit “launch” and waited. And waited. After what seemed like days (but was only minutes), the first backers entered. The goal was hit within a few hours, and over the course of the 30-day campaign, Priority Bicycles raised $565,000 with over 1,500 bicycles backed.

That campaign was the first of three fully-funded Kickstarter campaigns, all of which delivered on-time to all backers. Priority now has numerous bicycle models, shipped thousands of bicycles around the world, and features partnerships with premium resorts, educational institutions, and top-rated tours in major US cities and locations spanning the globe.

Reviews & Press

"Best Bike to Buy"

"Best In Class Design"

"Priority bikes are designed specifically for ease and use by the average bike rider & can go many years & thousands of miles without needing to be serviced"

"Priority’s bikes boast a lightweight, rustproof oversized aluminum frame — thus easing the burden of having to lug your bike up and down the stairs to your apartment — and feature a trio of design cues intended to cut down the likelihood that it should ever need to be repaired."

"Priority Bicycles is a new company that thinks it's found the sweet spot: A cheap, light, "maintenance free" bike with quality components"

"This mechanic is making the ultimate commuter bike for everyone"

"If you’re looking for a bike that’s lightweight, well-made, reliable & affordable, the Priority is your ticket"


As an online first retailer, we do most of our sales through prioritybicycles.com. It allows us to sell the highest quality at the best prices. You can find all of the information about our bicycles here, and if you have any questions - reach out!

If you are in NYC or Northern California, we have options for in-person visits. In NYC, you can email us to set up an appointment to check out our line of bicycles. Please note, office visits are by appointment only and you must contact us beforehand to ensure we have the size/model you are looking to see on hand.

In Northern California, come and check out our Adventure Center at Xtracycle in Mill Valley. You can test ride our Adventure models and Xtracycle's Cargo Bikes. Check out their site for hours and as with NYC, please contact Xtracycle to ensure they have the size/model you'd like to test on hand.

Looking for a Service Center? See our Preferred Service Center locations HERE.

Our Fleet Bicycles

Fleet Bicycles are ridden with greater frequency, longer, and harder than standard consumer bicycles. They are often in beautiful locations that tend to be very hard on bicycle upkeep. We have designed our bicycles with that in mind. They have high quality and engineered for ease of use and require no regular maintenance. This means that they are built to withstand sustained use by all levels of riders.

We take a consultative approach whether it be 4 bicycles or 400, making recommendations based on our experience to keep your fleet running happy and healthy. Email us (below) for our fleet pricing discounts and customization options.

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