Riding from Seattle to Portland with Tyler Swartz

Riding from Seattle to Portland with Tyler Swartz

Can a commuter e-Bike—specifically our Current e-Bike—handle a 200+ mile ride from Seattle to Portland? That was the question cyclist Tyler Swartz sought to answer this past July when he set out on Cascade Bicycle Club's annual Seattle to Portland (STP) ride.

This year’s STP was held on July 15 & 16. The annual fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club is a 206-mile journey from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR. It’s a thrilling back-to-back double century ride through urban and rural settings. Knocking out several hundred miles in just two days is no easy task—but it’s one that thousands of riders tackle each year, including Tyler on the Current!

As Tyler puts it, “To answer the question that sparked this adventure: Yes, a commuter e-Bike can cover over 200 miles in a weekend. I found that the Priority Current exceeded all my expectations. Its powerful 500-watt mid-drive motor and seamless belt drive offered an effortless riding experience, turning a grueling 215-mile ride into an enjoyable adventure and making me everyone’s favorite rider to draft behind. The Current is now, hands down, my favorite belt drive e-Bike!”

Of course, on every journey of this magnitude there are plenty of twists and turns; ups and down; highs and lows... To get the full scoop on Tyler’s STP experience, click here to read his in-depth blog post on ebikecommuting.com and watch his YouTube videos below.

Thanks for rolling with Priority, Tyler!