An Update From Our Founder, Dave Weiner – Priority Bicycles
An Update From Our Founder, Dave Weiner

Priority Community:

It is our mission to deliver high quality, low maintenance bicycles with unmatched features, at a fair price.  We have been focused on continuously improving our bicycles and our service, with each new bicycle bringing more innovative features with ever increasing quality. This focus on continuous improvement and 7-day a week customer service, together with rising material costs, is forcing us to raise our prices on many of our models starting April 5th.

As a member of the Priority Community, we wanted to let you know of our pricing increase in advance, and that even with these increases we will continue to be a value and quality leader, with sales prices remaining below market.  You can find all our new product prices on the main product page of each model for the Start FW, Coast, and Classic Plus series. You will see the current price as the sale price, with the strikethrough price as the new price beginning April 5th. Most bicycle prices are increasing by approximately $50.  As of April 5th, these bicycles will go off sale and the new pricing will take hold.  We also expect to raise the price of the Continuum by approximately $100 this summer.

We believe everyone deserves a high-quality bicycle that is easy to buy, comfortable to ride, and simple to own and maintain.  Based on our innovative and low maintenance feature set on each of our models, you won't find a better bike value at any other brand.   If you have any questions, please reach out any time to

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Priority, now is the best time to take advantage of the current pricing.

Thank you for your continued support,

Dave & The Priority Team

March 21, 2018 by Dave Weiner