Most people would agree that there needs to be a Pinterest for dating. The old methods of dinner & a movie or a walk on the beach is tried and true, but also boring.  Don’t worry though- we've got our own idea about how to spice up a date...a bicycle ride.

And here's why:

It Can Be Free

If you already own a bike, and opt to skip a post ride drink or bite to eat, a riding date really doesn't have to cost you a single dollar. There are no awkward situations about who should pay and you won’t have to 'waste' any money on somebody with whom you didn't have any chemistry. At the very least, you got to go on a nice relaxing bike ride and it didn't cost you a penny.

It Doesn't Require Too Much Talk

A first date of dinner is excruciating because you're put face to face with somebody you've never really conversed with before. You might have great chemistry down the line, but never get to a second date because both of you were nervous and stammering under the pressure.  On the other hand, a bike ride involves minimal small-talk unless you stop and take a short rest. By then you're both comfortable in each other's presence and the real personality can come out.

If You Do Stop For A Drink, The Ride Is a Great Common Ground To Talk About

Going on a bike ride works up a great thirst and it presents a great opportunity to ask your date if he or she wants to grab a drink along the way. The first part of your ride involves building up chemistry, and stopping for a drink or a bite to eat will be more relaxed; you're both a little tired and you have common ground about a big bump, or a squirrel that crossed your path to keep the conversation moving. The next thing you know 3 hours have passed and you've downed 9 beers and need to call a cab to take you both home – a great 1st date memory.

 You'll Know If You Have Similar Interests

If you're a fitness or outdoors buff, even bringing up a bike ride as a date possibility is a great way to gauge if you have common interests. If they answer with “I'm kind of an inside kid” or “what's a bike?” you know it's probably not going to work out and you can save your time and find someone new.

 There Are No Set Rules

When you go out to eat or see a movie for a date, you're kind of stuck to a certain timeline. If the other person is absolutely miserable, you still have to sit through the meal or the movie. Conversely, if they are just awesome, your night still is tied to when you've finished eating or when the closing credits roll. With a bicycle ride though, there is no timetable. If you instantly have 'hate chemistry' you can fork off and ride your own way. If you guys are having a blast, you can keep riding for hours and continue to get to know somebody new until your legs go no more.

All in all, you needn't look any further than E.T and that kid to know that a bike can really bring people together.