We’re on track to launch Priority a week from today on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter.com. The last few weeks have been rough, many late nights, many favors asked, and a lot of stress that is probably normal when you’re building something new and great. I’ve put considerable thought into all that Priority means to me, and with the help of some friends have come up with the tag line,Happiness in Motion.

Cycling to me is just that. It’s the only time I’m disconnected from phone and email, it’s the only time I get to clear my head and think about whatever’s top of mind for me - work, family, friends - or just let it all go and think about the road in front of me.

This weekend I rode with my wife Amanda and son Jake over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn. As I pedaled over the bridge the bike felt light, nimble and just easy. I knew at that point that the tag line was absolutely fitting. The happiness I experienced as we peddled over the bridge is exactly the sensation I know others will feel when they ride our bike. Being outside on a beautiful day with my beautiful family, riding the Priority prototype, simply the best riding bike I’ve ever been on, was Happiness in Motion.

While I’m nervous and anxious for our launch next week, I am also confident that when others ride Priority, they will fall in love with the bike as much as I have. The product is truly amazing; the maintenance free bike is a game changer in recreational cycling.

Please, next week when we launch visit Kickstarter.com and Tweet it, Facebook it, and tell all of your friends. We really need your help if we’re going to be successful in bringing this amazing product to market.