Biking around the city is one of my favorite summer activities and Priority's sleek design make their bicycles fit seamlessly into every part of your lifestyle, any day of the week. It's the perfect summer accessory! Whether you are commuting for work, hanging out on the weekend, or even going on a date, there isn't one situation where you don't look stylish riding one of these beautiful bicycles. I love how incredibly lightweight they are; it so easy to pick up and go (even for a weakling like myself).

Living in NY we are lucky enough to have a subway system that can take us anywhere in a heartbeat. However, when the weather is as beautiful as it has been, it's great to switch things up and bike your way to the office. Priority's upright design makes the ride comfortable and the adjustable gears make it easy to zip over the bridge (for those of us coming from Brooklyn), not to mention you get a great workout on the way! 

The step-through frame option even makes it easy to elegantly ride in dresses, so you can still look amazing enough to impress your next date. The belt drive means no ugly grease marks on your legs or clothes!

Here are a few of my tips for looking great while riding on the weekend:

·      crossbody bags are a life saver, they keep your hands free to safely navigate the streets.

·      sneakers are usually my go to, but Priority bikes are so smooth and have wide pedals that even make it easy to ride in heels!

·      last but not least, the best accessory to your outfit is a helmet! I’m loving this new bag that stealthily hides it away when you aren't riding! So genius!

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