It’s National Bike To Work Week!  If you don’t already ride to work, figuring out the logistics behind your daily commute to work can be a little tricky, so we have provided some of our best tips for your ride to the office.

How to Carry Your Stuff

A rear rack or front basket are a great way to carry your necessities for your work day.  We love theDelta Cargo Net to help secure your load while you ride. 

Map Your Ride

It may lengthen your commute some, but finding roads that aren't as busy and have minimal traffic are important if you’re new to a bicycle commute. Check out any bike paths in the area to see if they would be a good choice. You can use a service like Map My Ride 

If you're nervous about how much time it will take you to get to work, do a test ride on the weekend. Ride at a leisurely pace, knowing that if you were short on time, you could pick up the pace.

Be Safe!

Always wear a helmet  and have a charged cell phone handy in case you should have an emergency.

Have A Possible Change of Clothes

Just in case you get a little sweaty also Have a comb, and deodorant, ready at the office… Monitor the weather the night before so you can plan appropriately.  It’s also a great idea to have a back up change of clothes at your office in case you decide to ride to work on a whim.

Bicycling to and from the office has a number of benefits: it reduces the carbon emissions in the air, it costs you less, it can be peaceful & relaxing, and also gets you a valuable cardiovascular work. You're going in to work anyways, why not make it a work-workout?

Dave Weiner, founder of Priority Bicycles, explains why he loves to ride to work:

"I like to think that any day which starts and ends with a bike ride can’t be that bad of a day. Do yourself a favor and try it one day this week, I think you’ll find that the extra few minutes you spend on your commute will come back to you in terms of increased productivity and overall happiness."