SATURDAY, JULY 15th, 7:00AM Meet


The first of many Priority Adventure Club rides. Come on out, spin some pedals, have a bite and drink on us.

We'll start at Priority Bicycles in TriBeCa, riding up to the Croton Dam via OCA or the Old Croton Aqueduct gravel path. This ride is about 45 miles in total with meetup points and stops for riders to choose their desired length. See below for more info.

We will offer a bagel spread at the Priority Office to kick off the ride. From there we will do 1 or 2 stops (Depending on how everyone is feeling). Once we’ve reached the dam and gotten our obligatory group photo, we will ride 3 miles to the Tavern at Croton Landing for pizza on Priority! Beers and Burgers on you!

After the ride you can take the Metro North Railroad Hudson Line from Croton-Harmon Station back to Grand Central. There will be a group that will be riding back down OCA for a round trip that will bring the ride to around 100 miles. THIS IS TOTALLY OPTIONAL!!

This is a no-drop, unsupported ride. Meaning you won’t get left behind unless you choose to do so voluntarily, and we will not have a support vehicle of any kind to help you with mechanical issues or if you cannot complete the ride for any reason.

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Meetup @ Priority Bicycles 7:00AM
(Bagels and coffee queued up)

Roll out @ 7:30AM

High Bridge Meetup @ 9:00AM
(opportunity to grab snacks/drinks at local delis)

Roll out @ 9:20AM

Stop 1 - Tarrytown
Antoinnette's Patisserie

Stop 2 - Ossining (optional)
First Village Coffee

End at Croton Dam

Pizza & Beers - Tavern at Croton Landing

Train back to NYC
Take the Hudson Line from Croton Harmon to Grand Central. Trains run usually every 30 minutes.  Expect around a $30 fare and a 1.5 hour train ride

Ride back, optional.


The ride day


Water bottles with water. Two is recommended but if your bike can hold more - bring more!

Snacks. Whatever you find tasty and portable, bring as a just in case.

Sunscreen. Priority is not liable for your sunburns ;)

Flat kits, multi tool and spare tubes. We will have people with technical ability that can help with most trailside repairs and basic tools. However, we can only carry so much. If your bike needs specific tools, bring those tools. The amount of tire sizes on gravel bikes ranges so much that we simply can’t bring every possible tube size.

Clean clothes. Please wash your cycling clothing before coming on the ride. No one wants to ride behind someone that stinks.

Most importantly a good attitude! This is meant to be a fun party pace ride so don’t be a party pooper!

Ride Notes

The ride leader will be riding at “party pace” or under 15 mph for the entirety of the ride. We’re all cyclists and we get excited by fun sections and there will be riders who will ride ahead and try some tricky features along the trail. Since OCA has multiple parts where you need to cross streets, we will periodically stop for everyone to catch up. We will not be able to account for everyone riding ahead, only those catching up.

While a majority of the terrain is flat gravel without a lot a technical sections, a bike with at least 32mm tires and some knobby tread is strongly recommended. As the route is fairly long, a gravel bike with drop bars can make the riding position more comfortable, but it is totally possible with flat bars!

There are a few technical descents and climbs that very few people will try or be successful at completing. If you are ever unsure, WALK YOUR BIKE! No shame in playing it safe. This is a NO DROP ride meaning we will always wait for the last rider. If at any point you get lost, please contact the ride leader. Their number will be given out at the start of the ride.

There will be metro north trains all along the route if for any reason you need to pull out of the ride. If you have a mechanical and need to head back or if you just aren’t feeling up to the rest of the ride, please pull off if needed. Don’t push yourself too hard.

If at any point you need to get a drink or snack please let the ride leader know so we can communicate the distance to the nearest stop or if there is a detour that can be taken to accommodate.

It’s important to make sure your bike is in good working order before going on rides like this. While it’s possible some of the people on the ride will have some mechanical proficiency, we can’t make miracles happen. If your bike has a mechanical beyond repair we ask that you find the nearest train station to either get to a bike shop nearby or back home to get it taken care of and join us on the next ride.

It’s strongly recommended you have a phone with something like Ride with GPS or cycling computer with the route loaded in case you get turned around or separated from the group.

We expect this ride to be an all-day event. We fully expect to be at least heading back to NYC before sundown.

Ride Vibes

LEAVE YOUR EGO AT HOME. If you want to get the fastest time up OCA, feel free. We will not try and catch up with you and you will be on your own and miss out on the fun ride and social aspect of the ride. If people are struggling at certain sections do not discourage, intimidate, or pressure anyone’s riding ability.

This is a public path. There will be other cyclists, pedestrians, and pets on this route. We do not own OCA and you will be expected to respect any and all occupants on the trail.

We do not accept any type of discrimination or harassment of any kind. This pertains to and is not limited to: race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, body type, etc.

Failure to comply by any of these rules will lead to you being asked to separate from the group and find your own way up the path and home and you will not be invited back to any rides hosted by Priority in the future.