I seek to capture those fleeting moments of emotion and beauty that can often be overlooked. - Masson Liang

Masson doesn't know it but we stalked him.

He was one of our early Kickstarter backers and has been supporting our story from the start.  He'd like our posts, and we'd see his profile photo with his camera slung over his shoulder.  When we clicked into his Facebook page, we found some great imagery in the South Florida area - really positive and upbeat.  Full of color and life, they told great stories of people and places.  

When he said he'd do a Priority Profile we were really excited, and we got a 3-in-1 view of South Florida- some of which people know, and other parts that are more hidden.  He takes us from Miami Beach, to the Wynwood Arts District, out to the quieter Redlands/Homestead area.  Each place has a unique energy, delivered with a smile and beautiful view.

Masson also calls out his favorite places to stop along the way in Wynwood - fromPanther Coffee, to Zak the Baker, and Coyo Taco.  As someone  who has only been to places that have Pitbull songs on loop, it was a treat to navigate in new ways.

Click below to read more about Masson's story, see his photos, and learn more about the area.   Also, click to like his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram.

June 04, 2015 by Dave Weiner