The Priority Classic was named one of the "Best Fitness Products" by PopSugar.

Leta, owner of a Priority, writes "Ever since I moved from hilly San Francisco to much flatter Brooklyn, I've become even more obsessed with city biking — thanks in large part to my Priority bike. Started as a Kickstarter campaign just over a year ago by bike-shop veteran Dave Weiner, the company's goal is simple: make high-quality, affordable, and beautiful bikes for the most discerning beginner cyclist. If you've ever stepped foot into a bike shop and been overwhelmed by the choices of frames, gears, handlebars — you name it — you'll know that choosing a bike can be an intimidating process for the inexperienced (trust me, I've been there). Priority makes the process simple: choose from two different types of frames and sizes, then pick your color. The three-speed Priority Bicycles Classic ($430, originally $450) has taken me across New York City for fun, work, and errands with barely more than an occasional tire refill, and it's lightweight enough that I can carry it to my third-floor walk-up apartment with ease. I've been recommending it to all my friends as the perfect entry-level bike for the casual commuter at a surprisingly good price point."

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December 02, 2015 by Dave Weiner