Safety Pizza

Safety Pizza

$ 19.99

Here in New York City, we take our pizza (and road safety) very seriously. Naturally, it only made sense to carry the most delicious high visibility accoutrement from our friends at Safety Pizza. Easily mounts to your saddle rails, rack, basket, handlebars or any number of places with Velcro straps for unmistakable visibility out on the road. Fits all Priority/Brilliant models.

Measures 5.5" from the top of the crust to the lowest point

MDM (Minimum Dangle Measurement i.e. lowest possible length when mounted) is 6"

Constructed from a completely waterproof, high performance, non-fraying material and is usable in temperatures down to -55°F. The reflective materials are of the highest quality, meeting worldwide standards for emergency vehicles and first-responder garments.

Proudly manufactured in Santa Rosa, CA.

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