ABOUT THE SAUCE - Coming 11/14

The Sauce isn’t for one thing, it’s for all things.  Spicy on streets, smoky on gravel, light on jumps, and thick on trails.  LFG!  Inspired by retro mountain bikes, the Sauce is a single speed with a Gates Carbon Drive belt instead of a traditional rusty, and clunky chain.   To match the go-anywhere, do-anything attitude, we’ve thrown on fat and fast tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and a responsive aluminum frame and fork.  That means you ride, rinse, and repeat. 

Price: $799



Priority means low maintenance – Super smooth Gates Carbon Drive belt, Internally geared hubs, rust proof frame, rims and spokes.  It’s what makes the Continuum the best commuter, the Coast the best beach bike, the Current the best all-around eBike.  But what about pulling those features forward to just make a ride more fun.  If you love getting out on a bike, mixing in some trails, any surface conditions on a street, even a pump track, in a really nimble, responsive ride, it’s the Sauce.  It really does spice up every ride.  If you are familiar with a klunker, or retro mountain bike, it’s similar, but a lot more.  The ingredients are high quality and finish is smooth, at an unbelievable price for the features.  Plus, it is backed by Priority’s unmatched customer service.