Greg from Truly Outdoors talks of the hassles that come along with city biking and how his Priority Classic made his experience much more carefree:

"In fact, this review was born out of a CitiBike incident, where a pedal fell simply off in use, while in the middle of an intersection. It was enough to make anyone re-think sitting on a bike, but another option seemed worth considering- ownership. The most frustrating part of having a bike is handling that maintenance though, so we looked around to see if there was a company that had created something more durable. And that’s how we ended up learning about, and falling in love with, the Priority Classic bike. The first step was to check out the local TriBeCa workshop, where we got a chance to speak to the owner and founder Dave Weiner. With quite a bit of previous experience in the industry, he set create a unique bike that was “visually appealing but not overly technical, lightweight, comfortable, easy to ride, easy to maintain, hard to steal, and affordable”. 

Check out the full review here and shop the Classic here.

August 01, 2016 by Dave Weiner