Priority was featured in the Wall Street Journal for creating a low-maintenance bicycle. One of our customers, Adam Bertoni, was quoted on his experience with Priority:
"Mr. Bertoni found a mountain-road-hybrid bike with its 21 gears too cumbersome. A single-speed bike was too difficult to pedal up hills. He read about Priority Bicycles, a New York-based bicycle brand, and ordered one online.

Mr. Bertoni likes its smooth ride and the simplicity of its synthetic belt drive, a greaseless alternative to a bike chain that leaves his pants legs clean. The three-speed bike also has puncture-resistant tires and that staple of children’s cycles, the coaster brake."

We are honored to be featured in the Wall Street Journal and want to thank our incredible community for their support and for continuing to help us spread the word about Priority!

Click here to read the article "Easy Bikes, No Spandex Required"

June 08, 2015 by Dave Weiner