We get to meet people from all over the country (and even more all over the world).  Those introductions usually start with “Hey you guys gotta meet my friend…”  This meeting was no different.  Our good friend from New York and travels abroad, Sherif, owns Raleigh Raw- an organic and raw juice spot where you will just as soon get music recommendations as dietary pointers- both of which always deliver.

Sherif mentioned the husband and wife team at Wild Measure, a boutique design agency in Raleigh who works with the earliest of startups to the biggest of enterprises on design, consulting, and content.  After years of working in the agency world, it is easy to tell the teams who go through the motions, and those who really care.  It could be that as a couple, they have run out of things to say, so they just dive into their work, but I actually believe that it is a passion driven by their own desire to explore and see new things that helps them find that new perspective for their clients.

What is eye opening, is what they do on their own content platform The Fresh Exchange where you see their professional and personal lives combine.  Part travelogue, lifestyle magazine, and entrepreneur guide, you can get lost in the posts or even just sit back and enjoy the design.

Mike and Megan are based in Raleigh, but spend summers up north in Michigan.  For their Priority Profile, they took us with them on their rides to Manistee.  A small town of 6,000, has outdoor views, waterfront, and an old town Main Street.

Check out more about their story and get lost in their blog.