Dave Weiner & Connor Swegle featured on 3-Minute Storyteller

"Our mission at 3-Minute Storyteller was immediate and clear.  To seek out, question, and listen to wisdom from the most inspirational figures in our lives: people leading inspired lives, people putting their creativity and their humanity on full display, people living courageously and deliberately." 

We met Mike when we were out at Dogfish Head in Lewes, DE.  Over dinner we chatted about life, travels, inspiration, creativity, and entrepreneurship.  We also ate a tremendous amount of seafood. 

A month later he came and interviewed us at 174 Hudson.  It was the first time Dave & I were interviewed together and acknowledge that we *might* have a different approach to things- but are pushing for the same results.

Mike's questions were great, and I'm always excited to get to talk about what we are up to sitting next to my great friend.

July 14, 2016 by Connor Swegle