In the 70’s, auto makers switched from timing chains to timing belts. In the 80’s, Harley Davidson switched from chains to belts - and in 2014 Priority Bicycles set out to make all of our bicycles belt driven. Why? Belts last two to three times longer than a traditional chain. They don’t rust, require no grease (no more ruined pants), and ride much quieter and smoother. Belts are also stronger and more reliable than chains. This is especially important with an eBike. The combination of the motor, and your legs can add up to a significant amount of torque. This high torque needs a strong drive system to ensure you have low maintenance, reliable transportation that you can count on – from A to Beyond.

The Embark uses the ultra-low maintenance, incredibly simple and smooth enviolo Trekking groupset. Enviolo groupsets are built around a Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT, instead of your typical derailleur and cassette found on most bicycles. You will find CVT’s on the latest electric and hybrid cars, from all major auto makers. CVT’s are more reliable than typical transmissions and are far more reliable than a traditional bicycle chain/derailleur/cassette. Not only does the enviolo groupset go for many thousands of miles without ever needing a service, but it’s also designed to handle the added load/torque an electric motor puts on your drivetrain. There is no worry over shifting at the wrong moment and snapping your chain. You can shift at any time, while pedaling hard or coasting, and never need worry about jamming your gear. The enviolo system is the easiest system to use and shift - there are no predefined gears, yet a whopping 380% gear range (that’s like an 18 speed). Simply turn the shifter to the resistance that feels nice. Turn one direction and pedaling gets easier, turn the other direction and pedaling gets harder. Shifting couldn’t be easier, or more reliable.

The Embark is built with some of the strongest and most reliable eBike components available. Ride on rainy days without a problem! Cold is not generally a problem, but do be aware that battery life begins to drop with the temperature as the weather gets colder. Avoid riding or storing the bike in sub 25 degree (F) temperatures (sub -3 C).

The Embark comes standard with our sport package, including a WTB Pure saddle, and 80 (Small) or 90 (Medium and Large) 6 degree stem. If you prefer, just drop us a line after you order and we'll swap your saddle and stem for with our Comfort Package, which includes a Selle Royale Italian Gel saddle and a high rise (70mm, 35 degree rise) stem.

We hope you’ll love the bike! We also want you to feel comfortable trusting us with your purchase. We’ll take the bicycle back, no questions asked, within 30 days. We ask only that you cover the actual two-way shipping fees, and any assembly fees we have already paid. If you received the bicycle via Velofix, they will pick it up and ship it back to us for no additional charge. If you chose home assembly, we do ask that you pack the bike back up as it came, in its original packaging. Our return policy is valid only in the continental United States

Priority Bicycles provides its bicycle frames and forks with a five (5) year warranty against material and workmanship defects. All components on the Embark are backed by a two (2) year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover paint or decals and can be void if the bicycle was not professionally assembled, has been modified or has been subject to beyond normal wear and tear. This warranty does not cover return shipping to Priority, nor does it cover any labor involved in frame, fork or other component replacement. Product defects must be confirmed by either photograph or a professional bicycle mechanic. This warranty is valid only for original owners in the continental United States.