Once you receive your shipment you’re only minutes away from taking your bike on its first ride. We’ve engineered Priority Bicycles specifically for easy, straight-forward assembly, and have put together a few tools to assist you.

Below are instructional videos (featuring our founder Dave) that provide step-by-step guidelines for assembling your bicycle and installing your accessories. Your bicycle will also ship with an owner’s manual that also includes assembly instructions. If you would prefer digital versions, you can download the owner’s manual here.

Although our bikes and accessories are designed for easy assembly, we do recommend either having your assembly completed by a professional, or having your assembly reviewed by a professional. We also recommend reviewing your owner’s manual one last time before taking your first ride to ensure everything is properly put together.

Once you have your bicycle assembled we’d love to see how you’re using it. Be sure to email us or mention #ridepriority or @ridepriority so we can keep up with our Priority riders.

Should you have any assembly questions please email (info@prioritybicycles.com) or call us (917-819-1665).

Important information about the care of your belt drive system:

Priority Classic Plus Assembly

Priority Classic Assembly

Gear Alignment -  Important Gear Adjustments Instructions

Priority Classic Gotham Freewheel Assembly

Priority Classic Gotham Freewheel V-Brake Adjustment

Priority Continuum Onyx Edition Assembly

Rack Assembly for Priority Continuum

Priority Continuum & EIGHT Disc Brake Alignment

Priority Glide Assembly

Priority Glide Front Brake Adjust

Priority Coast Assembly

Priority EIGHT Gear Alignment Instructions

Priority Start C/B

Priority Start F/W 2.0

Kickstand Assembly - Priority Start F/W 2.0

Water Bottle Cage


Front Basket with Two Wood Slats

Front Basket with Three Wood Slats

Basket Supplemental Locking Nut Installation Instructions

Priority Coast Basket Installation Instructions

Classic Fender Set

Classic Front Fender with Factory Installed Front Brake

Rear Rack


Front Brake - DOWNLOAD  

Sequencing for multiple front accessories (Basket, Fenders, Brake) - DOWNLOAD


Commuter Bars - DOWNLOAD