Jacob from TechnoBuffalo stopped by our NYC workshop last week as we launched our Kickstarter to report back to the TechnoBuffalo team.  Check out his review of The Priority Coast:

"In a way, the Coast is the culmination of everything Priority has been working towards since it first launched. Weiner originally set out to build the ultimate urban bike, offering a simple but sleek design that’s as low-maintenance as possible. When he learned that people were using it on the beach, he decided to target that market directly.

The Coast features a new drive belt that’s the best the company has ever offered, using a special groove design that pretty much ensures it won’t slip off the gear. It also includes the same puncture resistant tires featured in previous bikes, which significantly lower the odds that you’ll get a flat.

The fact that Priority is able to pack all that technology into a single bike and offer it at a reasonable price is even more impressive. It doesn’t hurt that the final product also looks stunning and rides like a dream. The Coast is available for as little as $369 on Kickstarter, with a planned retail price of $450 once it launches this summer."

Read the full story here & shop the Coast here.