Malia of Livin' The Mommy Life writes, "I received the Priority Start, which is absolutely perfect for my 5 year old.  I must say, I am amazed by this bicycle.  It has got to be the nicest, sturdiest, most well-made bike I have ever seen. It’s definitely different from other bikes we’ve owned, and that’s a good thing.  These bikes are light. They feature a rust-free, lightweight aluminum frame.  Most other bikes are made of steel, which is heavier and prone to rust.  We live near the ocean, where things tend to rust quickly with the salt in the air.  I am thrilled that I don’t need to worry about this bike getting rusty.  Because of this, I’m counting on my daughter getting many years of use out of her Priority Bike, and we’ll most likely be able to pass it on to her little cousins when she outgrows it."

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December 03, 2015 by Dave Weiner