The Priority EIGHT was featured in PopSugar's Best Fitness Products of April 2016.  Susie May, their Content Director for Fitness writes:

"April showers require double fenders if you're planning to cycle. Priority Cycles sent me The Priority Eight ($799), its new commuter bike, to test out, and I can say it is one sweet ride. With an aluminum frame, the bike is surprisingly light. Plus, it has a grease-free drivetrain, meaning the chain is rubber rather than metal, so no need to worry about staining your cuffs on a greasy chain. With eight gears and easy shifting, I can handle the hills of the SF Bay Area, and if I need to stand to make a climb, the wide pedals provide an ample platform to support my effort. And the seat is comfy too. The bike's components are all top notch, from disc brakes to internal gears (to protect the machinery from the grime of the city). Tooling around this bike is so much fun; if you use it for commuting, you might end up skipping the office altogether to explore the city streets."

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April 05, 2016 by Dave Weiner