We at Priority Bicycles, along with old friend Sara Bareilles are Northern California Natives.  Sara reached out last month, along with her good friend Danielle, on a project to help give bikes to kids displaced by the fires in Northern California.  We immediately jumped in to help.



Earlier this fall, 3,500 structures burned over 4 counties from 12 wildfires in the California North Bay Area.  10 states sent crews and over 40 shelters were opened to help those impacted.  Danielle, and fellow mom Jess, took it on themselves to help put healing in motion.  They came together to launch the North Bay Bike Project.  The project puts bicycles in the hands of kids whose families are affected by these fires.



As the area heals- it's important for families to get back to some level of regularity.  Bikes helps bring joy and fun to these kids, and sparks the healing that is so important.  Please go to the North Bay Bike Project website and donate.  

Even better this giving season- The North Bay Bike Project is a registered 501c3 via Compassion Causes.  Donations are tax deductible.

December 04, 2017 by Connor Swegle