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Dunkin' Delivers In Style

Designed with iconic orange and pink colors, along with playful coffee and donut icons, the Dunkin’ Bike was created in honor of the Seamless delivery partners now delivering Dunkin’ coffee and donuts throughout NYC.

The bike was designed in partnership from the ground-up with low maintenance in mind. It was not only Dunkin’-ized, but also included features like a lightweight aluminum frame, chain-free belt drive, rust-proof frame, and comfortable upright riding position.

The Dunkin’ Bike also featured must-have accessories like a front rack (to help with daily Dunkin’ runs), co-branded Dunkin’ and Seamless helmet, bell emblazoned with a donut icon, coffee cup holder, and kickstand. These accessories all helped make riding the Dunkin’ Bike so much sweeter!

June 17, 2019 by Greg Waters