I have never given much thought to Salt Lake City.

Besides the 2002 Olympics, for me, Utah has been a bit off of my radar.  Then we found stumbled upon Elana’s Instagram page on one boiling hot New York City day this summer, and found ourselves refreshed by her gorgeous imagery of her adventures in Salt Lake City.  Not only were her images stunning but her story behind every photo was beautifully written, transporting you into her world.

Intrigued, we reached out to her, thinking that there wouldn’t be a more perfect person for our Priority Profiles. The collaboration was a no-brainer. Elana then introduced us to her partner-in-crime, Aaron. With a similar creative outlook and love for travel and the outdoors, we knew that together we could all make something great.

We were happy to learn that Elana and Aaron's days are filled with ample time outdoors and weekend escapes to the mountains. And with the bikes, they were able to have mid-day escapes from their home offices, go into town, and stir up some creative energy.

Elana and Aaron also told us some of their favorite places to ride in Salt Lake City, from their local coffee shop Publik, to sushi spot Takashi, to favorite bar Whiskey Street(home to an incredible New York Sour).

Click here to check out more of their story and or here to get lost in Elana's blog.

November 04, 2015 by Connor Swegle