"The best innovations are brought to life when the right people are empowered by the right technology. " This is the philosophy behind Season 2 of Qualcomm's series "#WhyWait Invent-Off". The series brings together two teams of makers, coders and inventors and gives them access to Qualcomm’s groundbreaking technology to take on this year’s challenge: Use the Internet of Things to create something that saves a life.

Longtime Priority Community member, inventor, engineer and Executive Editor of MAKE Magazine Mike Senese was the captain of the Orange Team. Their idea for the challenge was to create the SaveMe System, a bike beacon system that can really save a life if a cyclist is in an accident. Their system logs important crash data, as well as notifies emergency personnel and alerts passerby-ers with lights and sirens. They put the system to the test with a prototype on our Priority Classic. Check out the series and their team's creative process here.

We got a chance to talk with Mike about his experience in the competition, as well as gained insights into his process of creating and inventing, and even talked a little bit about crowdfunding and Kickstarter. You can read our interview with him here.

And can take a look at the series trailer below:


September 20, 2016 by Dave Weiner