As we coast into the New Year and the weather takes a frostier turn, we know that our surprisingly warm weather of 2015 must come to an end and our riding style will change. While mounds of snow can be a great fall-cushioner, it's best not to test them out. Winter biking involves riding a little slower, being more cautious, and respecting the elements. So, we wanted to share a few of our tips to keep you riding safe and warm:

LIGHTEN UP: Sunny winter days can be few and far between so make sure you have your bike equipped with lights. Check out our set of USB rechargeable lights that are also waterproof and can hold up against harsh winter weather.

COVER YOUR CRANIUM: We know that sometimes helmets can be a bit of a nuisance, but they are crucial to your safety on the road. Try our foldable Plixi helmet that makes carrying around your helmet much easier and more convenient. Also, wearing ahelmet for cold weather riding can also help keep you warm. About 30 percent of the body's heat is lost through the head. You can throw on one of our lightweight beaniesunder your helmet for an even balmier ride.

BUTTON UP: Dressing for winter cycling doesn’t mean one million layers. The key is to wear enough clothes such that you're slightly chilly when you start. A moisture-wicking base layer is recommended with a soft shell jacket on the outside.

KEEP TRACK WITH TILE: There’s nothing worse than forgetting where you parked your bike in the freezing cold. We love to use a Tile to help us keep track of our bike.

A Tile is a small device that pairs with your phone to help you find lost goods. It shows you where your good (or bike) was last seen and when. If your bike suddenly becomes missing, you can mark your Tile as lost and suddenly Tile users everywhere are now looking for your lost bike via the app on their phone. If one of them becomes within Bluetooth range of your stolen bike you get a message with its location.

Check out more about our experience with Tile and other tips to prevent your bike from being stolen here.