A part IV of our conversation with our Coast Friends. Today we talk to the Founder & Creative Director of Aloha Beach Club!

We met Kahana Kalama and learned first about his story.  A hybrid of all sorts, with one foot in Hawaii and one in San Diego, one as a surfer and another as an entrepreneur, and also happy to lay low at the beach while building up a whole new line of goods for his brand- Aloha Beach Club.

Through our campaign you can back to get an original Aloha Beach Club shirt, and below you can learn more about Kahana and ABC!

Who are you and what is the Aloha Beach Club? 

My name is Kahana Kalama I am the founder and creative director of Aloha Beach Club - A made in Hawaii menswear collection and multi-brand retail store with locations in North Park, San Diego and Kailua, Hawaii.

What is your latest launch and why is it important to you as a company? 

We recently launched our Spring 2016 collection and this was our first collection produced by our manufacturing partners in Hawaii. I've always dreamed of bringing our production back to the islands and it is rad to finally see that dream take shape.

Everyone has their own perception of SoCal or Hawaiian Beach Culture. You are part of both. Are you trying to reinvent it? Or is it about finding a unique place in it? 

I was born and raised in Hawaii but have spent the last decade primarily in Southern California. We opened our location in Hawaii in my hometown of Kailua and I am pretty much back and forth every month. I really love spending time in California but I am at home in Hawaii. I really see Aloha Beach Club as a bridge that connects these two places that I love. It's a way for me to share my culture and inspiration with the rest of the world.

What interests you about the Priority Coast? 

I think that a measure of good design is creating value that lasts. I think that's exactly what Priority is seeking to do with the Priority Coast. I'd love a cruiser that I can use day in and day out and not worry about it turning into a pile of rust.

 Want to learn more about Aloha Beach Club? Click here.