Well, we’re one week into the campaign and...over 300% funded! This week has been an insane ride for us and we are still pushing to hit some stretch goals!! We’d like to extend an official welcome (and thank you!) to all our new backers, as well as our returning backers that are back for another campaign with us.

We pulled together our photos and behind the scenes footage from the launch day to make a video.  You forget how much work it is to build a Kickstarter campaign, and it really reminded us how thankful we are for all of your support.  From everyone on our team who has been working as hard as they can (Alex, Casey, Kate, Sarah, Théo) to all of our family, friends, and backers, we can’t thank you enough.  In the video you will see shout outs to Scott, our first backer, and Noel & Rich from Ichicoro, our first 10 bicycle fleet.