Assembling Your Priority Coast

Assembling Your Priority Coast

The best beach cruiser you will ever ride. The Priority Coast is the only cruiser built to take on the salt, sand, and water in coastal environments. Designed with a Gates Carbon Drive belt, aluminum frame and fork, stainless steel spokes, and sealed bearings, you'll be ready to ride without broken rusty chains, greasy hands or legs, and heavy cumbersome feel of traditional cruisers.

We recommend having your Coast assembled by a professional bicycle mechanic or checked by a professional mechanic if installed at home.

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June 10, 2016 by Connor Swegle

Bike Review: IKEA SLADDA vs. Priority Classic 2.0 by He Likes It


With the launch of IKEA's new belt-driven bicycle, Mikey Kreiger of reached out to compare the assembly, ride, maintenance, and overall experience of both bicycles. 

He let us know he was going to do a side-by-side comparison. Always confident in our construction, features, and price, we were eager to hear his review. 

He looked at assembly time- where the IKEA SLADDA took 2.5 hours to construct compared to our Priority Classic at 2.5.  The automatic gearing on the SLADDA was "problematic" as opposed to the Classic offering "a bit more flexibility on your ride..." From a maintenance standpoint, a conversation with IKEA customer service over a small pedal warping issue prompted a solution of bringing the SLADDA back to the store.  Lastly, delivery costs on the SLADDA range from $99 to $139, significantly more than the $30 flat rate for our bicycles.

We, admittedly, are a bit biased and happy with the result, but it's just because we have put all of our efforts into making high quality, low maintenance, affordable bicycles for our riders.  

In terms of the bottom line: 


Overall I was impressed by both IKEA and Priority but ultimately the assembly and build issues I faced with the SLADDA make this a no-brainer for recommending the Priority Classic 2.0. If you're in the market for a new bicycle, check them out!

- Read more from HeLikes.It about his experience and other reviews.

March 07, 2017 by Connor Swegle
Dave Weiner & Connor Swegle featured on 3-Minute Storyteller

Dave Weiner & Connor Swegle featured on 3-Minute Storyteller

"Our mission at 3-Minute Storyteller was immediate and clear.  To seek out, question, and listen to wisdom from the most inspirational figures in our lives: people leading inspired lives, people putting their creativity and their humanity on full display, people living courageously and deliberately." 

We met Mike when we were out at Dogfish Head in Lewes, DE.  Over dinner we chatted about life, travels, inspiration, creativity, and entrepreneurship.  We also ate a tremendous amount of seafood. 

A month later he came and interviewed us at 174 Hudson.  It was the first time Dave & I were interviewed together and acknowledge that we *might* have a different approach to things- but are pushing for the same results.

Mike's questions were great, and I'm always excited to get to talk about what we are up to sitting next to my great friend.

July 14, 2016 by Connor Swegle
Priority Profile: The Gotham

Priority Profile: The Gotham

Melissa Holtz is a New York City based sports & lifestyle photographer who often takes photos while riding a bike. Check out some of her photos & her favorite places to ride below:

How does riding a bike fit into your lifestyle?

I ride a bike almost every day to get from place to place, do photoshoot scouting, actually do a photoshoot, or just for fun!  The upright and comfortable position of the Gotham makes it easy for me to snap some photos while I ride.

Tell us where you shot the photos and any reasons why the locations were special to shoot?

Two of my favorite places to both ride bikes and shoot photos in NYC are the waterfront bike paths and the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg where there is a great bike path and tons of stylish cyclists.  I love to ride over the Williamsburg bridge in any season. I love how much life is on the bridge even on "bad" weather days-- people are always running, walking, biking, having a fun time, and taking in the amazing views. 

Local spots you love to ride?

I love to ride my bike to the NYC waterfronts especially on the east and west side bike paths in Manhattan and then in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Dumbo.  The West Side bike path is awesome because it is very wide so you can ride next to a friend which is my favorite way to ride.

March 16, 2017 by Dave Weiner


Priority Stories: Elena from Dan Maloney on Vimeo.


Introducing Priority Stories, a social awareness project by Priority Bicycles.  

Youth is a time of transition.  We create our own space in the world through life experiences that teach us about ourselves and others.  Each day presents a set of decisions that can alter our path of success, to move us forward or set us back.  We can all think of the people who have reached out to help us navigate this time and give us the confidence necessary to grow.

But what about those kids whose circumstances are much tougher?  There are thousands of children in New York City who face obstacles beyond the usual difficulties of growing up.  These young people face conditions of poverty, homelessness, and family crisis that create an environment of isolation and loneliness.

In 1991, a handful of New York City artists saw this problem. They developed a program that would tap the creativity, imagination, and curiosity that is innately part of all young people, to create an environment for empowerment and positive change.  From that, Art Start was born.

Art Start is a Non-Profit that uses student-centered arts education to help the city’s underserved and marginalized youth.  Through daily workshops they create the consistency and safety necessary to cultivate resilience and confidence.  Their programs encourage personal development by offering an outlet for expression, communication, and cooperation.

In early discussions, Johanna De Los Santos, Co-Executive Director shared, “In 2014 the average shelter stay for a family with children was 435 days. Art Start provided 467 workshops, bringing the creative process and an outlet for expression to youth in the highest need.”

We met Art Start through photographer and Art Start Board member, Natalie Brasington after seeing Art Start’s Portrait Project.  Essential to Art Start, are their workshop volunteers who are working with the youth - most of whom have full time jobs, and are responsible for developing and maintaining a curriculum.

“Art Start's workshop volunteers dedicate themselves to Art Start’s mission year after year,” said Co-Executive Director Hannah Immerman. “They positively and creatively connect with our participants, helping to transform a time of uncertainty into a time for personal growth and development.“

One such volunteer is Elena Mendis.  Elena lives in Brooklyn, works a full time job in events at a tech company in Manhattan, and has been volunteering at Art Start since 2007.  One thing she said stood out, “I was never fair weather about anything,” and it shows the type of resolve and dedication that Elena and these volunteers have for these kids.

The piece is directed by Dan Maloney, leading commercial editor at Cut+Run NYC.  In his directoral debut, he spent time with Elena at her home, work, and at an Art Start event where Elena helped a group of kids in a Silk Screening project.

“Elena was the ideal subject for this project. She was able to just be herself, and share an intimate view into the challenges that these young people face as well as her reasons for volunteering." says Maloney. "Getting a glimpse of her passion, energy, and dedication to Art Start was inspiring."

Art Start is based in the West Chelsea Arts District of Manhattan with workshops taking place throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.  We urge you to learn more and offer help through volunteering, a donation, and spreading the word about Art Start’s work.  This summer, they received a grant from Howard Hughes Corporation to set up a gallery space at South Street Seaport to feature the Art Start Portrait Project, running from late July through September.

To donate: Click here
To volunteer: Click here
To help in peer fundraising: Click here  

The Priority Stories program was developed in collaboration with Dan Maloney of Cut+Run New York, Director Henry Lu, and photographer Chris Ozer, highlighting those who make it a priority to give back to their community.  It was designed to raise awareness and inspire others, and if not for their dedication, this would not be possible. Each video vignette provides a look into the lives of people making a difference, and their personal motivations behind why they devote their time and energy.

Director: Dan Maloney
DP: Andrew McMullen
Production Sound: Leah Roh
Edit Facility: Cut+Run
Editor: Dan Maloney
Post Producer: Raná Martin
Color Grade: The Mill
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
Color Producer: Liz Hurd
Mix Facility: Sonic Union
Mixer: Brian Goodheart
Mix Producer: Justine Cortale

June 29, 2015 by Dave Weiner