Assembling Your Priority Coast

Assembling Your Priority Coast

The best beach cruiser you will ever ride. The Priority Coast is the only cruiser built to take on the salt, sand, and water in coastal environments. Designed with a Gates Carbon Drive belt, aluminum frame and fork, stainless steel spokes, and sealed bearings, you'll be ready to ride without broken rusty chains, greasy hands or legs, and heavy cumbersome feel of traditional cruisers.

We recommend having your Coast assembled by a professional bicycle mechanic or checked by a professional mechanic if installed at home.

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June 10, 2016 by Connor Swegle
"The Porsche of Commuter Bikes" Bicycling Reviews The New Priority 600

"The Porsche of Commuter Bikes" Bicycling Reviews The New Priority 600

Priority was honored to have the new Priority 600 featured and reviewed by Bicycling.

"The Priority Bicycles 600 Is the Porsche of Commuter Bikes: Designed to be simple, efficient, and low maintenance, this versatile city bike is as fun as it is practical...

Hills are also no barrier to your commute: The bike is named after the gearbox’s 600 percent range, which means you can shift between 12 speeds with no overlapping gears. I found the bike to be smooth, stable (thanks to a center-of-bike weight balance), and a helluva lot of fun on gravel...

All in all, it’s the ultimate low-maintenance rig that combines all the practicalities of commuting year-round with the fun of just letting loose on an easy-to-ride, well-balanced bicycle… What more can you want from a bike this practical?"

You can read the full review on here.

June 13, 2018 by Dave Weiner


In most of the United States, there's a brutal reality from November to April every year involving white fluffy stuff and bitter cold. While it might seem inevitable that winter means putting the bicycle away until spring, that doesn't always have to be the case. There's a solid core of people that ride their bikes year round. Some even find that winter biking is more challenging, peaceful, and a great way to get exercise while others are hibernating. Of course winter biking is a whole different animal than summer riding and there are a number of tips and precautions that should be followed.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing for winter biking doesn't necessarily mean outfitting yourself with 9 layers of clothes like Randy from A Christmas Story. First of all, bundling up too warm will cause you to sweat abnormally as your body overheats, which is nasty in the cold. Second of all, immobilizing yourself with six pairs of long johns is a safety hazard, making it difficult to operate a bike. The key is to wear enough clothes such that you're slightly chilly when you start. A moisture-wicking base layer is a must as is a soft shell jacket on the outside. You'll want a thin stocking cap that can fit under your helmet with a neck and face covering that can be zipped up as well. Waterproof gloves and boots also work well in cold, wet conditions.

The Bike

Riding in the winter is hard on a typical, chain-driven bicycle as sand, salt, and debris works its way onto the chain and drivetrain and creates havoc and wear. Fortunately, the belt drive on a Priority Bicycle eliminates this problem! The internal gearing of the Priority Bicycle in the back-wheel hub also prevents the weather from affecting the bicycle’s performance. A set of our Klondike Winter Studded Tires are ideal for riding in icy or snowy conditions. These tires work on all adult Priority models except the Coast. CLICK HERE TO SHOP WINTER TIRES

Bikes should be stored indoors if possible and cleaned to remove all the grime from your travels. Bikes should also be outfitted with fenders in the winter to keep the slush and splatter off of your face and clothes.

Riding Safety

While mounds of snow can be a great fall-cushioner, it's best not to test them out. Winter biking involves riding a little slower, being more cautious, and respecting the elements. Black ice can come out of nowhere, and you should always be aware that vehicles can lose control as well. Ride with a friend if possible, and always let somebody know when you're going out for a cruise. Making sure you have your bike equipped with lights is a good idea too, as sunny winter days can be few and far between. If you do not have integrated lights like our Continuum Onyx edition provides, you can always add our high power light set ensures that you will be able to see and be seen on the road in all kinds of conditions. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE HIGH POWER LIGHT SET.

January 08, 2017 by Dave Weiner
Our Escape From New York to the Sound View Greenport

Our Escape From New York to the Sound View Greenport

New York City, where we call home, is one of the most fast-paced cities in the world. No matter where you call home, it’s important to take the time to disconnect. We do this every morning with our rides into the office, when we unplug from our phones, and get to truly take in the sights and sounds around us.
The Sound View Greenport offers an experience that takes this idea one step further, located less than 100 miles outside of NYC on the North Fork of Long Island. Our team traveled out to the Sound View for a "retreat", where they have a fleet of custom maroon Coast bicycles.  Spending most of our relaxing trip on their bicycles, we took in the beautiful town of Greenport that is complete with boutique wineries, restaurants with fresh caught local seafood, and a private beach at the Sound View.

Click here to watch the video of our trip to the Sound View.

February 22, 2018 by Dave Weiner

Sara Bareilles & Priority Come Together to Help Families Impacted by the Northern California Fires

We at Priority Bicycles, along with old friend Sara Bareilles are Northern California Natives.  Sara reached out last month, along with her good friend Danielle, on a project to help give bikes to kids displaced by the fires in Northern California.  We immediately jumped in to help.



Earlier this fall, 3,500 structures burned over 4 counties from 12 wildfires in the California North Bay Area.  10 states sent crews and over 40 shelters were opened to help those impacted.  Danielle, and fellow mom Jess, took it on themselves to help put healing in motion.  They came together to launch the North Bay Bike Project.  The project puts bicycles in the hands of kids whose families are affected by these fires.



As the area heals- it's important for families to get back to some level of regularity.  Bikes helps bring joy and fun to these kids, and sparks the healing that is so important.  Please go to the North Bay Bike Project website and donate.  

Even better this giving season- The North Bay Bike Project is a registered 501c3 via Compassion Causes.  Donations are tax deductible.

December 04, 2017 by Connor Swegle