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Priority Mail From Minnesota

Priority Mail From Minnesota

In partnering with the Le Méridien Hotels we’ve always been met with a warm reception.  Not this time.  No, this time it was cold.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota the average high temperature is 23 degrees and low is 7.  For most, that means your bicycle goes into hibernation. Not in Minneapolis.  With over 130 miles of on-street bikeways and 100 off-street bikeways, all you need here is a little moxie and a lot of layers.

Le Méridien General Manager and bicycle enthusiast, David Cronin, he proposed a different kind of immersive event.  One where we could unlock the true Le Méridien Minneapolis experience by venturing out into the zero-degree weather and in to the local museums, theaters, and restaurants.  Our Continuum was perfect- no-freeze belt drive and a NuVinci rear hub that can take on freezing temperatures, paired with Klondike studded snow tires for the persistent ice on the roads.

Check out some of the pictures below, and in Part II we will share the full winter riding experience!

January 19, 2017 by Dave Weiner