It's a slippery slope when somebody says that bicycle riding is a sacrifice. Granted a 2 or 3 hour cruise through town does take time, but at the same time you're getting exercise, relieving stress, and being out in the fresh air. Unfortunately, one area where bike ownership is a sacrifice could be in apartment living, especially if the space is already cramped. In no way should you avoid bike riding just because you live in an apartment – instead follow these tips for storage and cleanliness to maintain a healthy hobby and living room.

Clean the Bike Before Bringing It Inside

One thing about apartment living is that you might not have access to a hose for spraying off dirt and debris before bringing the bike inside. The result is mud and grime tracked all through your apartment or that piles up underneath where the bike is stored. A great alternative to a spigot is a handheld sprayer that maintenance grounds crews use. Simply fill the sprayer up with water and hose down the bike after a day on the trails for clean living. Another great bike cleaner/polish is Pedro’s Bike Lust (http://pedros.com/products/clean-and-lube/degreasers-andcleaners/bike-lust/)

Get a Big Cheap Rug

In order to protect the carpet or hardwood floors in your apartment from getting dirty, just buy a large, thick, rug to lie down (if you aren’t opting to hang the bike from a rack).

Buy a Bike Rack

Instead of lunging around your bike propped up in the apartment hallway store it safely and efficiently with a wall rack. By hanging your bike on the wall you save valuable living space and if guests look at it weird just tell them it's the latest contemporary art piece. Pinterest has dozens of bike rack ideas that you can integrate depending on your apartment layout – many of them multifunctional like a rack/bookshelf or storage desk.
We love the Leonardo Wall Rack from Delta (link to buy on our site:http://www.prioritybicycles.com/order/accessories/deltaleonardo.html)

With proper attention and detail you can in fact have your cake and eat it too… or in this case enjoy a bike without having to literally sleep with it.

April 21, 2015 by Dave Weiner